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...well I believe wedding its not only about few pretty photos captured specially to post them on social media and to show your nana how beautifully you looked... my work is to capture all your wedding day in the best way that will bring you back memories. We are all human and we all do silly things or look awkward on photos sometimes, but this is us! Your guest didn't came to your day to look pretty, they came to celebrate your special day with you and I want it all saved on images! 
We are all normal people and thats what I love, natural images of everyone enjoying your day... and you two are in love I guess so lest make as many memories saved as possible! The more fun and laughter is on your day, the more fn are your images :) Below few images from average weddings days lol  You need to let me know if you like them!!!

have a little look also on how your Photo Album could look like ...

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you might be wondering who even am I .. 

so my name is Monika and I am Wedding Photographer :)

During the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to wake up to my dream job. Capturing memories for people it's amazing. I like to make people feel comfortable and want to give them the most beautiful images possible. 

I’m passionate about real moments, natural laughter, emotions, love and tears of joy. I like to take photos from the distance where you don't even realise the camera is there. I like photos where you can be yourself and natural.  I am easy person to get on with and will make you feel like you are in comfortable environment. 
I like photos to look like they are from someone who's observing your wedding rather then stop and ask to look into the camera and smile. I like to capture all I can see.... The story of your love, and family.

I am very confident with my work, images and that I deliver highest quality of services for you.


"Monika you are AMAZING !!!!! Thank you soooooo much for your brilliance, energy and fun. I'm so ecstatic you captured our day. Having you there was so much fun. A true professional, amazing photographer and a super lady !!! Mwaaaah !!!!! xx

.... a true professional and artist and SOOOOO much fun !!! Every single one of our guests spoke about you and said how fabulous you were 😊 xx"

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Start your wedding planning twelve months or more in advance to ensure you get to book the venues and suppliers of your choice at best prices... :)



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