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Hi!  I'm Monika,

I came originally from Poland but live in UK since 2007 which I am happy to call my home now.
Here is where I found my partner Shane, the missing piece of my life. We both worked in Tesco. He was working in the grocery department and I was working on the checkouts. At first we didn't even like each other, he was making fun of me and I didn't take him serious either.  But one night we all went out town for a work party. We both seen each other in a different light. Our colleagues must of notice it and they made us go out for a date.  
Since then we have pretty much spent every day 
together. We are now happy parents of two cheeky but very lovely kids and planing our wedding too! 

I discovered my interest for photography when I was in primary school, but I was more into editing at the time than taking photos itself.
Things changed a bit when my big brother got me my first "professional" camera for Christmas. My passion to capture images only grew while I learned more and more about photography.
Now I can merge both editing and taking photos to create beautiful artistic images :)


Over the past few years I met sooooo many amazing people. I am so grateful for every single photo I have taken for them.  I am very proud that I can call myself a Wedding Photographer.

The fact that my photographs are capturing peoples memories in life and stay with them forever its just an unbelievable feeling. I really can't imagine doing anything alse in my life :) Taking photos is my true Love and my passion <3 

My Experience and Style

Well... I must tell you, it was a journey so far... many, many photo shoots, weddings, lots of new experiences and meeting new people.  I have learnt a lot and I learn new things every day. Improving myself to be even better every time as much as I can.
During the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to wake up to my dream job. Capturing memories for people it's amazing. I like to make people feel comfortable and want to give them the most beautiful images possible. 

I’m passionate about real moments, natural laughter, emotions, love and tears of joy. I like to take photos from the distance where you don't even realise the camera is there. I like photos where you can be yourself and natural.  I am easy person to get on with and will make you feel like you are in comfortable environment. 
I like photos to look like they are from someone 
who's observing your wedding rather then stop and ask to look into the camera and smile. I like to capture all I can see.... The story of your love, and family.

I am very confident with my work, images and that I deliver highest quality of services for you.

Next step from here I think... is to let me be part of your love story <3


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